Jesus said “The greatest among you shall be your servants.”  (Matthew 23:11)

The chief responsibilities of the Diaconate Ministry are to serve both the spiritual and practical needs of the congregation willingly and without recompense. Deacons at First Calvary Church serve under the leadership and spiritual direction of our pastor and assist him in performing duties to free him for the ministry.


The Diaconate Ministry of the First Calvary Baptist Church strives through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be used as vessels for Christ and in this branch of Zion. With Christ as our example, and His ministry as our model, our ministry is Service; our motive is Love, measured in sacrifice, for the purpose of Glorifying God. Serving in unity, we embrace the vision of the church and support the work of the pastor in the perfecting of saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Pray for and support our pastor and for greater insight into the vision that he has been given by our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Visit, pray for and serve communion to our sick and shut-in disciples who are not able to attend our  regular worship services.
  • Assist grieving family disciples in planning funeral/memorial services for deceased loved ones.
  • Consult with disciples who may be experiencing hardships to provide counseling and/or financial help through our Benevolence Ministry.
  • Prepare for and assist our pastor with baptismal services.
  • Prepare for and serve communion.
  • Implement the orientation of New Disciple classes.
  •  Serve on assigned teams; execute additional duties assigned by the pastor or his designee.
  • Prepare the sanctuary for worship.
  • Maintaining a wholesome and knowledgeable relationship with assigned sheepfold.

Deacons serve in vital leadership positions. One of the main focuses of deacons is to help disciples grow and function as new persons in Christ. Depending on our sustaining power in Christ, our main purpose is to glorify God by communicating his message, by serving our pastor and congregation. We seek to promote peace, love, harmony and a spirit of cooperation and unity among our disciples.