The first annual Summer Bible Institute begins on Sunday July 2nd and ends on Sunday Aug 27th. We are starting off with a bang by having lessons from the book of Revelations.  Lessons are available below.

All 10 lessons must be completed before the end of August and everyone who scores 80% or better on each lesson will be recognized as SBI Bible Scholars.

SBI 2017 Outline

Lesson 1 questions – The Church at Ephesus

Lesson 2 questions -The Church at Smyrna

Lesson 3 questions -The Church at Pergamos

Lesson 4 questions -The Church at Thyatira

Lesson 5 questions -The Church at Sardis

Lesson 6 questions -The Church at Philadelphia

Lesson 7 questions -The Church at Laodicea

Lesson 8 questions -The Seven Seals

Lesson 9 questions -The Seven Trumpets

Lesson 10 questions -The Seven Bowls of Judgement